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Mind the Overlap is a deceptively simple puzzle game

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Mind the Overlap is a puzzle game based on a famous optimization problem called JobShop. The objective is simply to arrange the bars within their rows, so that the same colors do not overlap. In other words, no two bars of the same color may share the same horizontal span.

By arranging the bars, you have scheduled the production process. The rows represent operations, the colors represent machines, which preform these operations.

Challenge your brain

Throughout the game schedule production

Train your brain

A lot of of levels

Hundreds of levels of varying difficulty will keep you occupied for many hours, and if you get stuck you can make use of hints that will help you along, but still keep the game satisfyingly challenging. The progress is saved for every level, so the more difficult problems can be solved over the course of a day.

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Play the six beginner levels to ease yourself into the rules.

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Earn new hints

Hints lock the selected bars into valid positions, giving you an anchor around which to find the solution. You earn new hints every time you solve a level.

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Levels range

Levels range from simple one which can be solved with a couple of swipes, to complex configurations requiring focused analysis and planning.

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Same length

Example of a variant where all bars are the same length. In terms of scheduling, a simple school time table might look something like this.

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Human and computer

There are simple problems, and there a difficult problems. Some of the former are extremely difficult for human and computer alike.

Among those there is a subset of ones that are so simple that any child could understand them, and attempt to solve them. However, even an expert or a computer program, run on the cutting edge of hardware, would be not be able to find a solution.

Mind the Overlap is such a problem, visualised as an elegant, fun and easy to comprehend game.


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