Employee Scheduling Application

Solution for your scheduling problems.

employee scheduling

Your problems – our challenges 

Worker’s problems

  • Overtime hours.
  • Law restrictions. 
  • Unallowed changes and work load.
  • Uneven work load.
  • Unsatisfied workers.

Scheduler’s problems

  • Lack of time to create schedules.
  • Constant changes.
  • Overview of schedules.
  • Overtime management.

New approach to timetables for your workers

Create demanding timetables and schedule your workers easy and fast.

100% automatically.

Why WoShi?

We believe it is time for a computer to do the work for you.

Different approach

Using AI, Woshi adapts to your demands and wishes.

User experience

Work process enables you to adapt to everyday changes and have total control over your workers’ schedules


Woshi is a web app therefore you can use Woshi everywhere and anytime.

Scheduling is a task for AI. And we are good at it.

Take a look how Woshi works

Let computer solve all your problems

The  ultimate solution for your scheduling needs. With our advanced AI technology, scheduling problems are a thing of the past. Let us take care of your daily demands, effortlessly assigning the right number of workers to timeslots and workplaces based on their skills and priorities.

With Woshi, our intelligent scheduling system, you can sit back and relax as it considers the rhythm of work and attendance rules, ensuring a flawless organizational process. Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of manual scheduling – let our AI do the work for you.

Join us today and experience the power of scheduling using AI.

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How does it work?

WoShi uses an advanced evolutionary algorithm, developed by Algit Ltd.

Artificial inteligence follows your requests and based on them calculates the best possible schedule for your workers.Woshi searches for better solutions all the time untill you are satisfied with it.

Save money

Reduce the number of overtime for your workers with the same amount of workers. Set the number of workes over your work day, for everyday of the week and holidays.

Control over events in your company

Using views, you can monitor shifts and workers’ presence on workplace. Reschedule if needed from everywhere. 


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For all company types and sizes 


Morning, afternoon and split work.

Call centers
24 / 7 – different workers at different shifts

Demanging combinations for your staff and equipement

Hotels, restautrants,…

Dynamic changes of work

Public care
Nursery homes,



Price is based on the size of the company or organization. Only workers included in scheduling are taken into price calculation. Price estimates are shown below. For bigger companies prices are set INDIVIDUALLY.


Cou can try out WoShi for free for one month, with a limited capabilites of our AI engine. If you have more specific demands for your company’s schedule, we recommend we create your first schedule together. This way you will have the best overwiev of all WoShi’s possiblities and capabilities.


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If you have special demands and you are a bigger company, send us an inquiry and we will prepare an offer for you. Custom made, no hidden costs. 


How do I start?

Register on our WEB APPLICATION and you can use WOSHI one month for free. If you want to become a regular user, send us the form you will recieve on your email and we will send you an offer. Your account stays the same.


How fast are schedules made?

It can take from 1 minute to 1 hour to create a schedule. It all depends on the complexity of your demands. The longer calculation takes, the better the result.

Is there a discount for one time year payment?

There is a 5% discount. 

Do I have to sign a contract?

When register you agree to our terms of service.

How do I pay?

Based on the form you fill and the contract you receive you can do a bank transfer to our account.

How can expand my package?

Contant us over email info@algit.si, tell us your new demands and you will receive a new offer.