ALGiT stands for”ALGorithmic Information Technologies”

We are an evolutionary artificial intelligence R&D company.

In a time of constant improvement and technological advancement, we often wonder why some things are still being solved in the “old” way. Our philosophy is that every process can be enhanced and optimized.

We have developed algorithms based on evolutionary artificial intelligence specifically designed for optimization.

We have focused on the challenges that arise in scheduling people within a workflow – how to align individual constraints and capabilities on one side with organizational requirements on the other. The result is two solutions that enable faster and better scheduling: iSchedule, a program designed for schools to create school timetables, and WorkShift, a program for scheduling employees to work shifts. Both solutions share the same goal: to eliminate the demanding task of scheduling and relieve the scheduler so they can take on the role of schedule architect. Both allow the user to define conditions in various ways and create a schedule that meets their needs or the organization’s needs, without wasting time on manual scheduling.

Currently, more than 70 Slovenian schools and companies trust us, including A1, the National Agency for Reserves, specific departments of the University Medical Centre in Ljubljana, and the Idrija Psychiatric Hospital. In all these cases, they have significantly reduced the time needed to prepare schedules, which are now more user-friendly for employees. At the same time, work processes are well-covered, ensuring smooth operations, and schedulers have considerably more time available.

Our motto is: We believe in optimizing everything, including optimization itself.



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What do we do?



We developed a system to evolve software algorithms in a way natural selection works. Algorithm developments is completely automated, thanks to evolutionary artificial intelligence. Theoretical basics are explained in multiple articles (Levin Search and Solomonoff’s induction). Our approach is evolutionary. First and so far the only wokring software to generate and evolve algorithms – Critticall has acchieved a full level of automatization. More about that can be found on our techinical page –

Real-time examples are improving current sort algorithm in C++ language and automatically generating code fo 2nd and 3rd Kepler’s law. But algorithms are not the only thing that goes down the line of digital evolution. To show our skills, we developed a software called Panc’n’ tile. It packs geometric elements in another geometric elements (etc. cubes in spheres). The results can be seen ont the reference webpages  such as Packomania or Magdeburg University and Hugo Pfoertner. Pack´n´tile has reached some of the world records and will surpass all of them if theoretically possible.



Using our technology, we have been selected as second best reference page for sorting and 6th best referenced page for algorithms. We got multiple awards on Slovenian inovation forum.

  • iUrnik – inovation ID I-195-07
  • Optimization of compressing algorithms – inovation ID I-437-08

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Our products

Our biggest advantage is not having any preselected methods to work with. We let evolution artificial intelligence find us the best algorithm for the selected case.

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Worker scheduling software

100 % automatic scheduling workers into shifts

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School time tabling software. Insert your demands and requirements and let the program do the wokr for you

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Finding patterns in linear and table data:

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